Friday, October 22, 2010

Mines Medalist Information

As you may know, on October 28 Steven Squyres, Ph.D., will be awarded the 2010 Mines Medal. The Devereaux Library has available several works by and about Dr. Squyers. These items have been placed at the Circulation Desk for your convenience and are available for check-out.

Roving Mars: Spirit, Opportunity, and the Exploration of the Red Planet [book] by Steve Squyres
“Squyers artfully chronicles more than a decade of ups, downs, triumphs, dead ends, politics, and, at times, utter confusion in this dramatic tale of how Spirit and Opportunity beat the odds. Roving Mars is both a true adventure story and insider’s view of life at the frontiers of exploration.” – from the publisher.

Roving Mars [DVD] with Paul Newman and Steven Squyres
“Experience it all as you join the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity for an awe inspiring journey to the surface of the mysterious red planet. Through the eyes of the two intrepid, state–of-the-art rovers, and with NASA scientists and engineers at your side, you’ll see Mars in a way no one ever has before. You’ll feel what it’s like to stand on the startling surface of the planet that has intrigued mankind for eons. Discover Roving Mars – it’s the ride of a lifetime”-- from the publisher.

Mars Rising [DVD] narrated by William Shatner
This six-part documentary series explores the challenges behind a potential manned mission to Mars.

Race to Mars [DVD]
The mini-series accompanying Mars Rising.
There is a multitude of additional information about or by Steven Squyres; a selective bibliography is avaiable. Many of these items are available at the Devereaux Library or electronically through our online resources. We will be happy to assist you in obtaining any of these resources.

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