Wednesday, September 05, 2007

SDLN is Back!

Email from SDLN 6 pm Wen.--
The indexing service that has been running all day has finally finished.The ALEPH services affected by this service are now available. Once again, I apologize for this massive inconvenience. I know how much this affected libraries during the first few days of school.
Email from SDLN 10:20 Thurs.--

I want to give you more details about what happened.
The affected indexing service builds the word index used for searching the SDLN catalog, as well as all individual library catalogs. This service isn't run on a regular basis. It was run Tuesday morning against a group of records that were affected by the power outage last week.
These affected records were not in the word index because of the power outage and thus needed to be placed into the word index. A job was submitted against the specific group of records. However, the staff were unaware that the entire word index would be deleted when the job was submitted. After the job was submitted, they became aware of this problem. Since the word index was dropped, searching in ALEPH was rendered inoperable since there were no word indexes to search against.
There are several tasks that will be undertaken so that this will not happen again. First, this process will be documented (especially that it will delete the entire word index, giving this as an example of the consequences). It will also be documented, the length of time that this task takes to complete. In addition, it will be in the documentation that this process should be run in off-peak periods.
Again, we are sorry about this interruption in service but did want you to know what happened and the steps that we are taking to ensure that it does not happen again. Thank you for your understanding.

Tim Johnson returns to work

Democrat Tim Johnson of South Dakota was welcomed back to the Senate Wednesday by colleagues of both parties who hailed his recovery from a life-threatening brain hemorrhage Dec. 13.

SDLN Part 3

Email from SDLN 4 pm
The indexing service that has been running all day is still running. We will continue to monitor the progress of the service. A timeline for the availability of ALEPH services affected by this service is unknown at this time. A message will be sent when the service has completed running.
Again, I apologize for this massive inconvenience.

SDLN problems part 2

Message from SDLN 7:30 AM
It appears that the re-indexing is still in process which is disabling many functions of Aleph and the OPAC.