Wednesday, January 27, 2010


THE HARDROCK Volume V., Number 3, Page 1 Rapid City, South Dakota, December 15, 1938

James C. Ewing, Rapid City architect, has been retained by the Regents of Education and the State Engineer to draw up plans for a new building to house the library, the museum, the administrative offices, and the departments of geology and mineralogy. Provision will also be made for the College Supply Store, a modern fully-equipped kitchen and large dining room with lunch counter and soda fountain. A new coed lounge will also be included to replace the present very unsatisfactory quarters in the old first building. The building as planned will be 160 by 60 feet with three wings on the rear, each forty feet square. These wings which will give the building the shape of a large E can be extended further to the rear at some future time if additional space in this building is needed.,1910

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