Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Brainstorming Atlas, part 1

In the aftermath of the October 2013 Blizzard “Atlas” I asked for your thoughts on what worked, and what did not work. The response, not unlike the blizzard was overwhelming.  So instead of the one summary blog post I had planned, I’m going to break the responses into a series of posts for our Blog and Facebook.

The first response I received was from Dr. Boysen.
Alfred Boysen “We live in an apartment complex--Carriage Green Estates--and we were without power for two hours on Friday evening. So, otherwise, reading and watching movies were the main activities. We did "get out" yesterday day for an evening mean at the Windmill Truck Stop where many other folks were also "having an evening out."  However, the greatest adventure happened at Herberger's when I came to get Judy on early Friday afternoon. The snow was deep and my 2001 Taurus which handles snow well almost "spent the weekend" in the parking lot. Obviously, Judy will not be working during such winter warnings in the future. If corporate American can't make an intelligent decision, I will! That is our story and we are "sticking to it." Oh, by the way, we will relax this morning with caramel rolls from the truck stop! See you at the library!”

Several good points here.  First, have some books and movies on hand.  Do you know that in addition to our popular reading collection, the library has a great collection of classic movies on DVD thanks to the efforts of the Friends of the Devereaux Library? We also have a number of databases (accessible via VPN) full of journals and eBooks so that your research need not suffer, just because you can’t make it to the library.

Second, know what the forecast is and pay attention to it. There are several great apps for your electronic device that can help you get the warning you need.  Here is a review of some of the apps that are available.  If your phone is new enough it may automatically give you severe weather warnings, or you can sign up to receive warning by text message.  

If you must travel, make sure that you know what the road conditions are. Call 511 or visit Safe Travel USA information.  Put together a winter survival kit for your car. And check out  this app from NDSU.

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