Tuesday, June 19, 2007

SciFinder 2007

If you use SciFinder, you may want to update the software on you computer. For information about changes to the software, see: http://www.cas.org/products/sfacad/scholwhatsnew.html

For assistance, contact the Devereaux Library Reference Desk. mailto:libref@sdsmt.edu or 394-2419.

Monday, June 18, 2007

New WorldCat Features

WorldCat.org has been enhanced with a social-networking feature: Users across the Web can now add individual items cataloged in WorldCat to personalized lists. They can group items owned by SDSM&T and other WorldCat libraries, and share their lists with friends, colleagues and millions of site users.

Users can add any book, video, article or another item to a list right from its WorldCat record, or use the checkboxes and "Save to" button in WorldCat search results. Patrons can build as many lists as they like on any subject. Lists can be public—which allows other WorldCat users to search for and discover them—or private so only the list author can view them. (A list's privacy is easily changed by following its "Settings" link.) And a public list can be shared with anyone, regardless of whether they've used WorldCat before: The "Share" link lets a list author send an invitation via e-mail.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

SciFinder: Get Better Research Results Faster

Save the date and register now!

CAS is hosting an e-Seminar on July 11, 2007
It’s live, it’s interactive, and it’s focused on
SciFinder: Get Better Research Results Faster

Wednesday, July 11, 2007
12 -1 Mountain Daylight Savings Time (18.00-19.00 GMT)

Rebroadcast date and times for the seminar will be:
July 17, 2007 at 4 AM MDT (10.00 GMT) and 7 AM MDT (13.00 GMT)

To register, visit: http://casevents.webex.com
After you register, you will receive an e-mail confirmation containing the teleconference phone numbers.
SciFinder: Get Better Research Results Faster

In today's competitive business world, scientists need to reach research goals faster and more efficiently. SciFinder has many tools that can help give you needed results quickly and efficiently.

This e-seminar will cover:

· Using the Categorize tool to navigate and narrow an answer set
· Accelerating your research process with the new Combine tool
· Drawing chemical structures for structure searching with a single click of a mouse
· Identifying chemical suppliers in specific countries via the new Commercial Availability Report

Attention SciFinder Scholar customers: these new features will be available in SciFinder Scholar 2007, which will be released in mid-June 2007.

Learn from your desktop or gather your colleagues and share the e-Seminar demonstration in an auditorium or meeting room. You can submit questions at any time during the e-Seminar.

For system and other technical requirements needed to participate in this event, contact WebEx:
Phone: 866-779-3239 (North America) 916-463-8262 (worldwide)
E-mail: support@webex.com

If you have technical questions, please contact WebEx at 866-779-3239 if inside the United States, at 916-463-8262 if outside the United States, or by e-mail at support@webex.com.

If you have general questions about SciFinder, please call CAS Customer Care at 800-753-4227 if inside the United States or 614-447-3700 if outside the United States, visit the CAS Customer Care web page at http://www.cas.org/support/custcare.html, or send an e-mail to help@cas.org.

Join us on July 11!

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