Friday, December 22, 2006

WEBCASTS anyone?

The library of congress has posted a number of Sci/Tech webcasts at:

You will need Realplayer to view them on your computer (there is a link How to View Webcasts which will allow you to download the RealPlayer software.)

Some titles are:

Title: National Geospatial Digital ArchiveSpeaker: Larry CarverEvent Date: 12/06/2006Running Time: 52 minutes

Title: Using METS and MODSSpeaker: Morgan Cundiff,Nate TrailEvent Date: 11/16/2006Running Time: 87 minutes

Title: Weather ForecastingSpeaker: Bob RyanEvent Date: 11/15/2006Running Time: 38 minutes

Title: Digital Data UniverseSpeaker: Chris Greer Event Date: 10/11/2006Running Time: 56 minutes

Title: Ambient FindabilitySpeaker: Peter MorvilleEvent Date: 07/20/2006Running Time: 45 minutes

Title: Science and Technology in JapanSpeaker: Yukio SatoEvent Date: 07/13/2006Running Time: 72 minutes

Title: Web Page PreservationSpeaker: Michael Nelson,Frank McCown,Joan SmithEvent Date: 06/29/2006Running Time: 84 minutes

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