Sunday, August 26, 2007

Goodbye Mica

Oregonized Dakota Mica RN
Hearing Dog

SEP-12-1993 / August 25 2007

Mica arrived in Rapid City on Halloween Day 1993 via Delta Dash.
By Christmas break she was coming to work at the library ½ days to begin learning her new job. By summer of 1994 she was working full time on campus. She continued to work on campus until she retired for medical reasons in the summer of 2004 (that’s more than 70 dog years!) In her off duty time she enjoyed rally, loved heeling to music, and humored me by participating in agility. Mica spent her retirement years helping to teach Trooper (Oregonized Weekend Warrior) what he needed to know to be a hearing dog and helping my mom around the house. She will be missed.