Friday, September 26, 2014

Be a law abiding citizen and preserve your legacy!

 Did you know that by law you must submit copies of documents, photos, videos, etc. that are created using campus funds and/or resources?  The South Dakota State Legislature passed this law several years ago.  Recently, the South Dakota State Library delegated the responsibility of collecting the materials produced at regental institutions to their respective library. 
The Devereaux Library has tried to make this as painless as possible. You can submit your materials via the library’s website. Located on the menu bar is a Submit Archival Documents link for easy submission of electronic material. The Devereaux Library will then archive and make them publicly accessible as required by law. Not only will you be abiding by the law, you will be saving a piece of history for future generations.

What should be submitted? There are no concrete guidelines. The law states that a state publication is “any information originating in or produced by the authority of a state agency or at the total or partial expense of a state agency that the agency intends for general distribution to the public, regardless of format or medium, source or copyright, license, or trademark.”  It is our understanding that course work such as presentation slides, spreadsheets, exams, homework, syllabi, etc. would not be included in this mandate; these items are not intended for general distribution to the public. Reports and documents published elsewhere need not be submitted.  E-mails and most of the plethora of memos, notes, etc. that we all produce on a daily basis would not also be included in the mandate. While items created by an individual not using state funds need not be submitted, however, we do welcome the submission of items such as photographs videos, PowerPoints, documents, etc., that record the activities of SDSM&T students and employees.
If there are items that cannot be made public due to copyright or other restrictions, they can still archived, but not made publicly available.  There are many unique situations and would be happy to discuss your specific concerns individually.

We realize that in some cases, materials have not been submitted for some time; so clean off your shelves and empty your files, dig through your hard-drive, and get the material to the library before it is lost forever! 
If you have hard copies of documents, the library welcomes those, too.  And remember, Devereaux delivers and picks-up, too!

Need more information?  or contact the library.  The South Dakota state statutes addressing the gathering of materials may be found in Chapter 14-1A. The Administrative Rules defining the number of copies state agencies should submit may be found at: