Tuesday, August 21, 2007

In the News -- SD floods

SDSMT Campus June 1972.
Flash floods made headlines locally in the wake of last weeks thunderstorms. Many older residents of the area vividly recall "The Flood" and are relieved to see that the floodplain worked in Rapid City. A look at the situation on Battle Creek reminds us that things can get bad in a hurry.

For books about "The 1972 Flood", for flash floods in general , for journal articles about recent floods and flooding http://firstsearch.oclc.org/ (GeoRefS, EnvironmentS, and GEOBASE)

If you are looking for journal and archival information about The 1972 Flood you may want to contact the library staff for assistance.

Reading at Risk -- cont.


One in four adults read no books last year

"There it sits on your night stand, that book you’ve meant to read for who knows how long but haven’t yet cracked open. Tonight, as you feel its stare from beneath that teetering pile of magazines, know one thing — you are not alone."