Thursday, September 16, 2010

Today's Devereaux Nuggets

September 16
Lauren Bacall born in New York City in 1924.

Discover more about Lauren here

James Cash Penney born in Missouri in 1875. Discover more about Mr. Penney here.

In 1890 newswriter George Whitney Calhoun named Green Bay team the Packers. Love football? Love football? Learn more @ your library.

On this day in 1963 "Outer Limits" premiered on television. Check out science fiction @ your library.

South Dakota School of Mines: September 16, 1938

September 16 - O'Harra Memorial Stadium dedicated, Hardrockers defeat Jackrabbits 8-7 in first football game [Stymiest, Ruth Anne. "Centennial: An Illustrated History, 1885-1985". 1985, pg. 73]

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