Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Knovel University Challenge Returns!

A new version of the Knovel University Challenge kicks off its fall season on Sept. 13th and will run through Nov. 13th. The University Challenge provides students the opportunity to master their research and analysis skills while competing for 15 prizes. This year’s winners will receive an iPod Shuffle, a 30G Apple Video iPod or a $500 Grand Prize. The University Challenge, now in its second season, is open to students of hard sciences, mathematics and technology-related courses of study at universities with access to Knovel Library or Knovel K-Essentials.

The University Challenge introduces young minds to next-generation research methods being used by many Fortune 1000 companies. The success of last spring's contest brought over 800 entries from 17 countries. The purpose is to inspire students to pursue careers in the fields of science, engineering and mathematics while offering a practical "real world" educational experience.

To participate in the fall Knovel University Challenge, go to starting Wednesday, Sept. 13th. In the meantime, visit that page and bookmark it so you're ready!

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